As a creative director, brand and social publishing strategist, I like to think of myself as a keeper and teller of stories. I have always respected traditional branding strategies but I also love to think outside the box in order to encourage other travelers to discover, explore, and experience authentic cultures and places. My biggest life lessons have been learned while working on the road. I am constantly grappling with the challenges of keeping design and visual story telling to its most influential, while also trying to stay true to what I call my higher purpose, which is to help give people voices in this world who may not otherwise get the opportunity. My passion is to express my and others’ emotions through visual mediums, which is usually inspired by life in the third world. I am a perpetual optimist in that I believe in the power of positivity and never putting a ceiling on one’s dreams and goals!

I work as the Creative Director for a tech media start-up focused on curating and producing video content for the smartphone obsessed youth of India. The recent exponential growth of the video content market provides a huge opportunity for innovative visual storytelling in this vibrant and rapidly expanding market. NEWJ (@NEWJplus) intends to fill this demand for quality content in the social and digital media space. The venture was founded by a team of young entrepreneurs, I was one of the original four team members and who is responsible for leading the creative team.

As the Creative Director, I lead the designers and artists. I work with copy writers, publishers, and marketers to create an impactful and coherent vision for the company. With the help of my creative team, I oversees and drive the entire creative process.

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Twitter: @NEWJplus
Instagram: @NEWJplus
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Creating new ideas for branding, advertising, and general marketing. Using my strong understanding of design to bring a fresh and innovative approach to advertising. With the world of advertising and marketing always evolving, as the creative head I am is constantly analyzing data trends to keep on the cutting edge of the industry.

My academic career began in design and photography, where I started at Rhode Island School of Design, and eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Apart from my academic credentials, I am self-taught business entrepreneur and social media marketer. Previously worked as a marketing and personal assistant for a photo curator in addition to building my own influential social media presence (@thebackpackingguru), all while traveling the world several times over. 


Brianna Dawes
Creative Director @NEWJPlus