photography collage project


I am drawn to the exploration and understanding of different cultures and their unique connection to the idea of “home.” I have been working to explore one woman’s specific connection to the place from which she originated: India. This is the land where she was raised and most of her family still remains. I am juxtaposing different tools to explore distant places in her homeland of India using modern technology such as Google maps but also personal vintage photos she provided me with her family. My desire to understand how other people define the idea of home for themselves is due to the fact that I never really had a home as a child, at least in the sense that most people would define it. I didn’t have a bedroom or even bed that I could call my own. Most of the time I would end up sleeping on the couch, this didn’t change until I was seven years old. To me, the idea of home has always been more of a mental state and feeling based on the community of people built around oneself rather than a physical space. Through this exploration, I feel closer to understanding my own definition of what home means to me.